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Cristina Branquinho @ 60 Minutos de Ciência
Cristina Branquinho é a oradora do próximo "60 minutos de Ciência" sobre "Como podemos usar a biodiversidade para antecipar os efeitos da desertificação nos ecossistemas?"
Novembro 4 | 17h +info

Video on "How to plan tomorrow’s forest?"
A short-animated film to raise awareness on the influences of the local characteristics on semiarid forest growth at long term, based on Adriana Príncipe research.+info

Children book on Nitrogen
Within NitroPortugal the English and Portuguese version of the children book “Nitrogen, a goody or a baddy?” by Vanda Brotas and illustrations by Rui Sousa are now available to download.

Alice Nunes' work in Público journal
Facing climate change ant protecting the montado using plant functional traits to make these areas less vunerable to desertification.
read the article here

Paula Matos' work in 90 segundos de ciência
On the use of lichen to study climate change in Antartica

Alexandra Oliveira' work in 90 segundos de ciência
on the use of lichenometry to understand the loss of ice in Antartica (Pt)

Ana Luz' work in 90 segundos de ciência
On the use of urban green spaces by Lisbon's citizens (Pt)

NitroPortugal in Público journal
One of the biggest newspapers in Portugal published NitroPortugal's work and showed the importance of learning about nitrogen issues to protect our planet.
read the article here

Presentation of the children's book “A história do azoto.Bom em pequenino e mau em grande” photos
In Centro Ciência Viva, the book written by Vanda Brotas (MARE-FCUL) produced within NitroPortugal project was presented and distributed to the public.
Pavilhão do Conhecimento | 5 december 2018
Video on the Nitrogen issues
An animation was produced within NitroPortugal, to raise awareness on the nitrogen problem and propose solutions for a sustainable environment.
The video is available in Portuguese and English.

NitroPortugal on the news.
Cultura de borla; Postal; cE3c
European Project NitroPortugal launches a series of public events to incite debate about the consequences of nitrogen in the environment Join us!

DesertAdapt videos
The project DesertAdapt produced videos aimed to reach the public. Prof. Pulido introduces LIFE project and Spanish partners; Introducing Desert-Adapt & Drone flights on project sites L1 - L10

Book on Quarry Restoration & Biodiversity

SECIL and FCUL cooperation

The impact of nitrogen pollution on ecosystems

"How Portugal adapts forest management to global change scenarios in drylands" - Interview by Delia Modest here

Lisbon residents prefer their parks to be at hand

"Home proximity weighs in significantly when it comes to urban parks preference for leisure"here

The impact of nitrogen pollution on ecosystems

Invited as an expert in Multi-country workshop on Monitoring air pollution impacts on Mediterranean ecosystems here

Science Fair @ Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência

Adriana Príncipe showed the boardgame AgroForest

Fronteiras XXI (II)
Threatened by Climate: Risks and Solutions

Episódio 3 (min 33'20'')

Telejornal RTP

Cristina Branquinho interviewed as a specialist in a report about the drought situation in Portugal.

Science in 90 seconds

Short audio clip on the project AdaptForChange main conclusions by Cristina Branquinho
26 Abril 2017

eChanges on the news

Report on the work by Helena Serrano in a rare endemic species, Plantago almogravensis mercurioonline.pt | 8 May 2017 here

TV documentary about adaptation to climate change - Biosfera

Cristina Branquinho, Alice Nunes, Adriana Príncipe, and Melanie Kobel - Project AdaptforChange

Video trailer

NecoSchool: a Nitro Portugal Training school on the Long-term Effects of Nitrogen on Ecosystems in May 2017

Environmental Ethic Lectures

Cristina Branquinho presents "Razões Éticas para a preservação da Biodiversidade" +info

eChanges interviews

Alice Nunes, Paula Matos and Pedro Pinho were interviewed for their recently received awards.

European Researchers' Night

eChanges members Helena Serrano, Ricardo Carvalho an Zulema Rio presented an activity about green roofs +info

Ecology Day

ecture on Urban Ecology and field visit to Campo Grande in Lisboa. co-organized with the Portuguese Ecology Society +info

Alice Nunes at "Sociedade Civil"

Interviews about the World Environment Day

cE3c at the United Nations

"A new global indicator to track the effects of climate change on forests" Cristina Branquinho & Paula Matos +info

Public debate on Sustainable Development Objectives

Terra nos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável

TV documentary about legumes in a world under climate change

Alice Nunes & Melanie Köbel - project AdaptforChange

Restoration of Arid Lands and Combat of Desertification

videos: Melanie Köbel , Alice Nunes/Teresa Mexiaand Adriana Príncipe. +info

Climate Change and Human Health

Science dissemination in the Portuguese National Assembley with Cristina Branquinho's participation
+info & videos

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Life streaming to secondary shools about the effectys of climate on biodiversity by Pedro Pinho within the project ClimaEduMedia

Short tv clip about the dune recovery project

"ReDuna: Recuperação e Restauração Ecológica do Sistema Dunar de S. João da Caparica”minuto verde" download video(Pt)

Field guide for using epiphitic lichens as indicators of air quality

a tool for the general public (portuguese)

Video from the Desert Restoration Hub

Arid Lands Restoration and Combat of Desertification "Companhia das Lezírias fieldtrip"

Video from the Desert Restoration Hub

Arid Lands Restoration and Combat of Desertification "Secil restoration fieldtrip"

Noite Europeia dos Investigadores "Biodiversidade pela sua saúde e bem-estar"


Interview about Riparian habitat and water quality in urban areas

video (Pt)


Cristina Branquinho as a co-author for a study that decided One hundred priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe with an international team of investigators, politicians, managers and land owners. +info 
press release

cE3c at the United Nations "A new global indicator to track the effects of climate change on forests".

Fact sheets
State of the art knowledge in science, successes and case studies in restoration| COST Action ES1104
papers eChanges investigators
+info & download


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