past projects

AdaptforChange - Improve the success of reforestation in semi-arid areas: adaptation to climate change scenario
GreenSurge - Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban development and the Green Economy
Solenopsora Disentangling evolutionary relationships across morphologically and ecologically diverse lichen genus Solenopsora
Reservoirs - Restoration of the areas subject to erosion in water reservoirs
BioCrusts - Functional diversity of Biocrusts: towards ecosystem services quantification in drylands
TransBasin - Transboundary Water Basin Management
Desert Restoration Hub - Arid Lands Restoration and Combat of Desertification: Setting Up a Drylands and Desert Restoration Hub (ESSEM COST Action ES1104)
DesertWarning - Modeling Ecosystem Structure and Functional Diversity as early-warning indicators of Desertification and Land-degradation +info
LTERmontado - Long-term socio-ecological research and monitoring in a Mediterranean cultural landscape
Almada Restoration - Monitoring restoration of ecosystem of ecological high value and development of restoration procedures for ecological continuities on roads and riparian corridors
Uma Mina de biodiversidade - Science dissemination project for the Castro Verde region

eChanges - Ecology of Environmental Change, a research group from cE3c

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