ongoing projects

GLUE - Global Urban Evolution Project
CVAgrobiodiversity – Climate changes and plant genetic resources: the overlooked potential of Cabo Verde's endemic flora
BioVeins - Connectivity of green and blue infrastructures: living veins for biodiverse and healthy cities
LIFE DESERT-ADAPT - Preparing desertification areas for increased climate change
ChangeTracker - Tracking climate change in drylands based on ecological indicators
UNITED - Unifying niches, interactions and distributions: A common theoretical framework for geographic range dynamics and local coexistence
TeaComposition - Global Litter Decomposition Study
Miombo – A multidisciplinary approach to address the effects of climate change and fires on miombo woodlands of Niassa National Reserve, northern Mozambique
Towards INMS - International Nitrogen Management System
NitroPortugal - Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen
eLTER H2020 project - Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem & Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure
Combined Nitrogen and Ozone deposition - Plant community and physiology responses in a Scottish peat bog (NiOz)
CriticalSevre - Nitrogen critical levels and loads in a multifunctional landscape in the LTSER ZA-PVS
CONTROL - CONsTRaining land-atmosphere exchanges using earth Observations
FITOREMEDIAÇÃO II – Avaliação do Potencial de Fitorremediação para Mitigação/Restauro dos Solos da Exploração Mineira
SOLOS II – Melhoramento de solos e optimização de substratos
PIMQUERLoures - Plano Integrado de Monitorização da Qualidade Ecológica das Zonas Ropícolas do Município de Loures
PMAACO - Plano Municipal de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas de Oeiras
Almada - Monitoring studies of floristic and faunistic communities and environmental services assessment of Almada
Environmental monitoring of dioxins, furans and metals in the vicinity of a hospital incinerator
MACEIRA - Deposição atmosférica em Maceira e Pataias

eChanges - Ecology of Environmental Change, a research group from cE3c

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