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Participação no programa Sociedade Civil
Cristina Branquinho participou no programa Sociedade Civil dedicado ao dia do Mediterrâneo.

Paper about drylands grazing published in Science
Alice Nunes and Melanie Kobel participated in a paper published in Science regarding "Grazing and ecosystem service delivery in global drylands”.

13th Edition of the Mário Quartin Graça Scientific Award
Ana Claudia Oliveira won this Natural Sciences and Technologies award with the thesis “Ecological indicators as tools to monitor the effects of climate change on Tropical dry forests”.

PhD defence on drylands forest ecosystems
Adriana Príncipe successfully defended her PhD thesis on "The importance of local-scale factors for forest ecosystems in drylands".

Talk on Ecosystem - Cross Cutting Issues
Pedro Pinho joined the final policy event of the BiodiverCities on how to make cities more inclusive and sustainable with citizens” .

Interview about Montado
Helena Serrano was interviewed by BBC about the importance of Montado: "Why cork is making a comeback" .

Talk on Ecosystem - Cross Cutting Issues
Cristina Branquinho gives a talk on "Restoring resilience in ecosystems for future unpredictable environmental conditions" at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

Dia de campo com a participação de Cristina Branquinho e Helena Serrano, reuniu mais de 300 agricultores, técnicos agrícolas, investigadores e docentes numa mostra interativa de inovação aplicada à cultura do milho.
Estação Experimental António Teixeira, Coruche +info

Projeto LandUnderPressure
Alice Nunes é a coordenadora de um novo projeto EEA Grants, entitulado "LandUnderPressure - Evitar, mitigar e restaurar zonas sob pressão para combater a desertificação e aumentar a resiliência às alterações climáticas no montado".

eChanges at SIBECOL 2022
Alice Nunes, Diogo Godinho, Adriana Silva, Bernardo Rocha, and Juliana Monteiro joined the 2nd meeting of the Iberian Society of Ecology.
July 3-8 | Aveiro

Contratualização do projeto AdaptForGrazing
Inscrito no Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência e coordenado por Cristina Branquinho, este projeto pretende adaptar a gestão da vegetação para melhorar a resiliência dos agro-sistemas às alterações climáticas.

O papel da arte na transformação da cidade sustentável
Carolina Dias participa numa conversa sobre o papel das artes na sustentabilidade urbana, na celebração do Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente, organizado pela Associação Mergulho Urbano.
Junho 5 | Forte Santa Apolónia

Cristina Branquinho participates in the "BIOINSPIRATION - When Nature inspires humanity" with the talk "Ecosystems as an inspiration for sustainable and resilient urban areas"
May 27, 15h | MUHNAC

Clima-AML sessão de apresentação pública
eChanges colabora num projeto EEA Grants promovido pela AML. Cristina Branquinho participa na apresentação pública do projecto.
Maio 26, 15h | Estoril

Talk no Encontro Ciência FCT 2022
Helena Serrano participou no Encontro Ciência FCT com a talk "Impacto da gestão agrícola e agroflorestal nos processos de decomposição no solo".

SER network in Portugal
Alice Nunes presented the state of ecological restoration in Portugal in the SER-Europe webinar.

LIFE Desert-Adapt
Cristina Branquinho participates in the 1st workshop of the project LIFE Desert-Adapt entitled "Desertification-Dimension and effects of a problem in Alentejo". Cristina's talk addresses desertification and biodiversity.
New project in Lisbon metropolitan area
New sensors were installed in Almada, Cascais and Lisboa to measure the effects of green areas in microclimate.


Paper in Science
Cristina Branquinho, Filipa Grilo, Pedro Pinho and other authors published a paper on Science on "Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white clover"
check the paper, the press release and media cover
eChanges at SPECO
Alice Nunes, Filipa Grilo, Helena Serrano and Pedro Pinho joined the 20th Meeting of the Portuguese Ecology Society.
December 1-4, 2021| Ponte de Lima
Dissemination short movie "How to plan tomorrow's forest?" received an honor mention in the prizes for education resources from Casa das Ciências
December 20, 2021| Porto
Invited talk
Bernardo Rocha invited talk on cE3c annual meeting on "Lichens on the verge of the World: potential as ecological indicators in Antarctic ecosystems."
September 30, 2021| online
Adriana Príncipe will present a talk on natural regeneration of oak woodands "Regeneração natural de sobreiro e azinheira - Desafios e oportunidades" at Observatório do Sobreiro e da Cortiça, Coruche
October 20 | +info
Ana Cláudia PhD defense
Ana Cláudia public defense of PhD thesis: "Ecological indicators as tools to monitor the effects of climate change on Tropical dry forest"
March 12 | 15:15 | online
Clara Wendt PhD defense
Clara public defense of PhD thesis: "A functional perspective on ant biodiversity along environmental gradients in Mediterranean woodlands"
March 3rd | 10:15 | online

Cristina Branquinho @ Webinar Riaac-Agri
Cristina Branquinho apresenta "AdaptForChange - Melhorar o sucesso do reflorestamento em áreas semi-áridas: adaptação ao cenário de alterações climáticas".
Dezembro 18 | 15h +info

19th National Ecology Meeting
Alice Nunes, Clara Wendt, Claúdia Mendes, Cristiana Aleixo and Inês Domingues presented an oral communication.
December 9-12 | online +info

Cristina Branquinho @ 60 Minutos de Ciência
Cristina Branquinho é a oradora do próximo "60 minutos de Ciência" sobre "Como podemos usar a biodiversidade para antecipar os efeitos da desertificação nos ecossistemas?"
Novembro 4 | 17h +info

19th National Ecology Meeting
Several members of eChanges are part of the organizing and scientif commissions of the next National Ecology Meeting.
December 9-12 | ONLINE +info

Cristina Branquinho @ Tertúlia de Acréscimo
Cristina Branquinho fala sobre a importância dos espaços verdes num mundo em rápida mudança na Tertúlia de Acréscimo.
Outubro 15 | 21h | ONLINE +info

Video on "How to plan tomorrow’s forest?"
A short-animated film to raise awareness on the influences of the local characteristics on semiarid forest growth at long term, based on Adriana Príncipe research.+info

Art for Adaptation
Julia Benz's postdoc is about how can art and creative practices contribute to broader, deeper and more inclusive perspectives on adaptation to climate change.
eChanges joins European project on urban green
BiodiverCities: A roadmap to enhance the biodiversity and green infrastructure of European cities by 2030, aims at enhancing the use of urban green.

Horizon2020 SOCLIMPACT - Pathways towards the decarbonisation and resilience of the European economy in the timeframe 2030-2050 and beyond.

Interview about repairing land degradation
Alice Nunes from eChanges and co-coordinator of the Portuguese Network for Ecological Restoration (site) was interviewed in the National Radio.
Antena 1 | 28 February 2020

paper: Using green spaces to cool down cities
A recent paper by Filipa Grilo et al. showed how green spaces, even with small dimensions, can help to cool down their surroundings, with trees having a stronger cooling effect than grasses.

eChanges @ EEF
20 eChange members presented their work at the 15th European Ecological Federation Congress in Lisbon (July 29 to August 2, 2019)

Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany
The XXII SCB was successfully closed. Check here the Symposium page, including some photos at our twitter, the ongoing art exhibition at Estufa Fria, and the materials produced during the event.

cE3c classified as excellent
cE3c has been again classified as excellent in the recent evaluation by the Portuguese Funding Agency, FCT. We are all celebrating!

Children book on Nitrogen
Within NitroPortugal the English and Portuguese version of the children book “Nitrogen, a goody or a baddy?” by Vanda Brotas and illustrations by Rui Sousa are now available to download.

Best professor award to Cristina Branquinho
Awarded by NEBFCUL, the Biology students association of FCUL, for the best professor of the semester.

Encontros Scientia - talk
By Cristina Branquinho, on "Essential biodiversity change indicators for measuring the effects of Anthropocene in ecosystems"

NitroCitizenship and Science Communication metting.
By Maria-Amélia Martins-Loução, O que é e para que serve a nitrocidadania? Within NitroPortugal projet.

Paula Matos at a Pint of Science
Pintou um clima: uma história curta de um planeta em mudança
May 21 20:30 | The Couch Sports Bar, Lisboa

XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany
This international symposium is being organized by cE3c and will take place in Lisbon from the 24th to 26th of July 2019
Lecture on Climate Change - Impacts and Strategies
By Cristina Branquinho at OviBeja, an important agriculture fair
27 April 2019 | Beja, Portugal
+info (Pt)

Citizen Science project
We are looking for citizens willing to participate in a science project to study air pollution and pollination in Lisbon.
more information and register here (Pt)

Lecture on Ecosystem Services
By Cristina Braquinho at OBSERVARIA, Estarreja Birdwatching fair
11-14 April 2019 | Estarreja, Portugal
+info (Pt)
Portuguese Network for Ecological Restoration
The first meeting for the onset of a Portuguese Network for Ecological Restoration will be organized at FCUL, March 21 2019. Its open for everyone, after registration.
UL/CGD prize for Cristina Branquinho
Cristina Branquinho won the 2018 Science Prize of UL/CGD, celebrating the researcher scientific achievements and to support the publication in high quality international journals. February 2019.
+info (Pt)

Celebrating women in science
Cristina Branquinho was chosen to be part of the Portuguese researcher’s group honoured by Ciência Viva in 2019.
+info (Pt)

Med Experts on Climate and Environmental Change
Cristina Branquinho and a group of authors has been working on the First Full Assessment Report MAR1 for MedECCMar 2019, Milan, Italy
Planting trees to lessen our Carbon footprint
To offset the carbon footprint of an international conference we are organizing​, one native oak tree will be planted for each participant in association with Mossy Earth. And eChanges will join the tree planting. Peninha | 11th February 2018
An opportunity to adress nitrogen impacts
Dr Cláudia Cordovil, Dr Cristina Branquinho and Dr Helena Serrano discuss their efforts researching the impacts of excess nitrogen on the environment and how this work is bringing Portugal to the forefront of this field. Read here

Alice Nunes' work in Público journal
Facing climate change ant protecting the montado using plant functional traits to make these areas less vunerable to desertification.
read the article here

NitroPortugal in Público journal
One of the biggest newspapers in Portugal published NitroPortugal's work and showed the importance of learning about nitrogen issues to protect our planet.
read the article here

Children's book “A história do azoto.Bom em pequenino e mau em grande” photos
Presentation by Cristina Branquinho (cE3c-FCUL), Rosalia Vargas (Ciência Viva), Vanda Brotas (MARE-FCUL), Maria Amélia Martins-Loução (cE3c-FCULSPECO) and Nuno Lacasta (president of APA)
Video on the Nitrogen issues
An animation was produced within NitroPortugal, to raise awareness on the nitrogen problem and propose solutions for a sustainable environment.
The video is available in Portuguese and English.
C. Branquinho, P.Matos, P.Pinho, J.Monteiro & H.Serrano are organizing the XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany
This will take place in Lisbon from 24-26 July 2019. More info about the events here
NitroPortugal launches a public debate about the consequences of nitrogen in the environment
Several initiatives will be open to the general public during November and December. More info about the events here
Cristina Branquinho will host the session and moderate the discussion that will follow the biological invasions talks.
CIBIO-InBIO's Auditorium, Vairão | 6 Nov 2018

ICOETOX, 4º international congress
Filipe Bernardo, PhD student (3CBIO/eChanges & IERS) Helena Serrano & Sofia Augusto presented an oral communication.
Matosinhos, Porto | 24 e 26 Oct 2018 +info

Desperately seeking Aeonium
A trip into the origin of an eco-evolutionary marvel
Patrícia and Miguel form the team of Aeonium seekers, in the field and behind scenes! They are dedicating their PhD and MSc theses studying the eco-evolution of these plants +photos

LTER Annual Coordinating Committee Meeting and ILTER EAP scientific conference
Tools to measure and manage the long-term effects of atmospheric nitrogen in ecosystems
Taichung, Taiwan, 14-19 Oct2018

LTER Annual Coordinating Committee Meeting and ILTER EAP scientific conference
A framework to harmonize lichen diversity observations: towards a global-scale nitrogen pollution and climate change indicator
Taichung, Taiwan, 14-19 Oct 2018

LTER Annual Coordinating Committee Meeting and ILTER EAP scientific conference
Plant species performance along an ammonia gradient: uncovering the future of plant communities in a nitrogen-rich world
Taichung, Taiwan, 14-19 Oct 2018

LTER Annual Coordinating Committee Meeting and ILTER EAP scientific conference
Helena Serrano, Paula Matos & Pedro Pinho participated in the ILTER Committee
Taichung, Taiwan, 14-19 October 2018

Programa de Ação de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas - P-3AC
eChanges participates in the public consultation on the national program for adaptation to Cliamate Change, giving a scientific insight to the program, helping making it better for everyone.

SPECO Phd in Ecology award +info
Paula Matos, won the 2018 edition of SPECO Ecology PhD award. Titled "Development of ecological indicators of climate change based on lichen functional diversity". Phd on Biology and Ecology of Global Changes in Lisboa and Aveiro Universities.
Quarry Restoration & Biodiversity
For the past 20 years SECIL and FCUL have been working togheter to learn about the complexities and opportunities of manage biodiversity and overcoming restoration challenges. All of the work is now compiled in a book.

My Climate Services

Alice Nunes "How Portugal adapts forest management to global change scenarios in drylands" - Interview by Delia Modest
International Seminar
Ana Cláudia Oliveira gives a presentation titled “O alcance de políticas públicas integradas e participativas: estudo de caso do programa microbacias no estado de São Paulo, Brasil
FLUL| 10-12 Oct 2018

Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen
eChanges at the NitroPortugal Workshop – Nitrogen in the Açores Islands Agriculture.
S.Miguel & Terceira Island | 17-21 Sep 2018 +info
The impact of natural and anthropogenic pollution on ecosystems & human health: Which indicators should we use?
Investigators Cristina Branquinho, Paula Matos & Pedro Pinho at the NitroPortugal Workshop.
Universidade dos Açores, Ponta Delgada| 17 Sep 2018
Alice Nunes, Cristina Branquinho & Melanie Köbel @SERE18
eChanges investigators give lectures at this year edition of SERE Conference, themed “Restoration in the Era of Climate Change”
Reykjavik. Iceland| 9-13 Sep 2018
Lisbon residents prefer their parks to be at hand
Ana Catarina Luz at an UrbanL@b survey
concluded that work or home proximity weighs in significantly when it comes to urban parks preference for leisure. Calouste Gulbenkian Gardens is the favourite. +info

Insights from urban ecology: Urban green infrastructure to improve cities livability
17º ENE da SPECO Ana Luz & Filipa Grilo will give a lecture on Urban Ecology | Évora | 17 Nov 2018

Centro de Competências na Luta Contra a Desertificação
FCUL, and other organisms sign the protocol to the creation of CCDesert. +info

Alice Nunes' PhD Merit Award 2018

The cE3c PhD Merit Award of 2018 was delivered to Alice Nunes during- Frontiers in E3.
FCUL | 9-10 Jul 2018
cE3c 4th Annual Meeting 2018
Members of echanges participate in this annual event, where cE3c researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results and outreach initiatives, and explore novel ideas.
FCUL | 9-10 Jul 2018
Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal Pedro Pinho -"How to use biodiversity of urban green infrastructure to make more liveable and resilient cities by optiminzing the provision of Ecosystem Services
CCL, Lisboa | 2-4 Jul 2018

The impact of nitrogen pollution on ecosystems
Invited as an expert in Multi-country workshop on Monitoring air pollution impacts on Mediterranean ecosystems Roland Bobbink gave an interview to cE3c, here.

Science Fair @ Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência

Adriana Príncipe showed the boardgame AgroForest
23 Jun 2018
Cristina Branquinho, Helena Serrano, Juliana Monteiro and Pedro Pinho @ CAPERmed
Researchers on air pollution in Mediterranean ecosystems, together to coordinate expertise and identify current impacts and future challenges.
University of Navarra, Pamplona |20-21 Jun 2018

COST- European Cooperation in Science 
National Representants at eChangesPaula Matos is representing Portugal in a cost action "Optical synergies for spatiotemporal sensing of scalable ecophysiological traits" (CA17134)

COST- European Cooperation in Science & Technology
National Representants at eChanges
Pedro Pinho is representing Portugal in a cost action. "Implementing nature based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city" (CA17133)
Nature within the city
Ana Luz will present UrbanL@b a group dedicated to the study of Urban Ecology at the "Summer Solstice Encounter" organized by Associação de Defesa do Património de Torres Novas (ADPTN)
Largo do Paço, Torres Novas | Jun 21| 21h

eChanges Spring Field Work
Alexandra Oliveira
and Paula Matos have been taking measures of lichens in the Atlantic coast.

eChanges Spring Field Work

Sara Lobo-Dias has been sampling in coastal sand dunes.

eChanges Spring Field Work

For Patrícia Santos PhD project, she, Helena Serrano, Inês Santos and Alexandra Oliveira have been traveling around Tenerife island looking for evidences of adaptive radiation in Aeonium species

eChanges Spring Field Work
Alice Nunes and Melanie Köbel have sampled functional diversity of Mediterranean woodlands in our research station at Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo.

eChanges Spring Field Work

Joana Marques has been sampling lichens for urban ecology and ecosystem services in Antwerp

eChanges Spring Field Work

We have been using spring for doing field work for project and PhDs.

Cristina Branquinho @ Forum Ambiente

Investigator is part of the panel INQUIETAR discussing “The climatic crisis: where are we and the impacts felt in Portugal”
Câmara Municipal da Covilhã | 5 Jun 2018

Cristina Branquinho | LEAF Seminars

Ecological indicators of global change: diagnose, evaluate e anticipate

Instituto Superior de Agronomia |18 May 2018

Encontro Scientia
"Unraveling links between urban ecosystem services and socioeconomic patterns in Porto, Portugal" by Marisa Graça | FCUL (Building C2)| May 17 2018

1st Workshop in Human Biomonitoring in Portugal
Helena Serrano presents a poster titled "HBM? yes! but where to start? Optimizing biomonitoring by pinpointing areas of high exposure risk"
ISRJ, Lisboa, Portugal|11 May 2018
Cristina Branquinho moderating @ CIALP
Cristina Branquinho moderating the round table at the Conference on Environment and Human Rights, spoken in portuguese. Melanie Köbel and Ana Cláudia Oliveira will also present their work

Aveiro, Portugal | 8-10 May 2018
Quarries Alive
Cristina Branquinho(co-organizer) and Alice Nunes at the conference on "Enhancing Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Quarries - Challenges, Strategies and Practice"
University of Évora, Portugal | 2-4 May 2018

Paula Matos at Cork Talks

4th session of "Portugal Biodiverso - Is the Quercus suber montado good for the country?
Nova FCSH | 24 Apr 2018

Helena Serrano & Pedro Pinho at INMS

Participating in a project that aims the Establishment of an International Nitrogen Management System
Edinburgh, Scotland | 16-19 April 2018
Fronteiras XXI (II) Threatened by Climate: Risks and Solutions
Cristina Branquinho, representing SPECO, posed a very interesting question to Filipe Duarte Santos about the future of the montado system in Portugal.
11 Apr 2018 | Episódio 3 (min 33'20'')

Europe at FCUL- NitroPortugal

Strenghtening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excesso reactive nitrogen - Multi country workshop.
Lisbon | 4-6 Apr 2018

Telejornal RTP

Cristina Branquinho interviewed as a specialist in a report about the drought situation in Portugal.
24 Mar 2018 +info

XXI ENEB - National Encounter for Biology Students

Cristina Branquinho participating in the Big Debate - “The impact of Biology in our society” at ENEBAlmada| 23-27 Mar 2018

Cristina Branquinho@Ovibeja

presenting "AdaptForChange: Improve the success of reforestation in semi-arid areas: adaptation to climate change scenarios" OVIBEJA | 27 Apr 2018

14º Water Congress

Cristina Branquinho participating in the Roundtable "Ecosystem Services in River Basins"
Évora | 8 Mar 2018
Alice Nunes @TERRAenVISION
Predicting climate change effects on Mediterranean drylands through plant functional traits" and "Evaluating past reforestations success in semi-arid Mediterranean areas now and under a climate change scenario" Uni. Barcelona | 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2018

eChanges annual field visit

This year we will be going to a sea-side area, visiting a geology important site with unusual interaction with ecology | Atlantic coast | 25 Jan 2018

Final conference

Final conference of the program AdaPT with the presentation of AdaptForChange results
Lisboa | 29-30 Nov 2017

TV documentary about adaptation to climate change

Cristina Branquinho, Alice Nunes, Adriana Príncipe, and Melanie Kobel with results of the project AdaptforChange
RTP2, Biosfera | 11 Nov 2017

eChanges on the news

Report on the work by Helena Serrano in a rare endemic species, Plantago almogravensis | 8 May 2017 here

eChanges interviews

Alice Nunes, Paula Matos and Pedro Pinho were interviewed for their recently received awards.
Nov l 2017

Lecture Urban Ecology

Cristina Ramalho - "On a path to improve the way we think about, understand and intervene in urban green spaces" FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 2 Nov 2017

ENE- Encontro Nacional de Ecologia

eChanges will join the National Ecology Meeting
Lisboa, Portugal | 9-10 Nov 2017

Prizes for PhD
Alice Nunes & Helena Serrano won the 2nd and 4th prize in a competition organized by SPECO, for the best PhD in 2016-2017. Congratulations!

Video trailer
A small video produced during the NecoSchool: a NitroPortugal Training school on the Long-term Effects of Nitrogen on Ecosystems in May 2017

eChanges on the news

Report on the work by Helena Serrano in a rare endemic species, Plantago almogravensis | 8 May 2017 here

Environmental Ethic Lectures
Cristina Branquinho presents "Etical reasons for the preservation of biodiversity"
Fundação Caloustre Gulbenkian | 10 Oct 2017

European Researchers' Night

eChanges members Helena Serrano, Ricardo Carvalho an Zulema Rio presented an activity about green roofs
Lisboa | 29 Sep 2017

Fact sheets

State of the art knowledge in science, successes and case studies in restoration| COST Action ES1104
+info & download

Ecology Day
Celebration of the Ecology Day with a lecture on Urban Ecology and field visit to Campo Grande in Lisboa. with SPECO

eChanges at MedEC

Cristina Branquinho joined Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change workshop
France | 17-19 Jul 2017

Front Cover

Paper by Paula Matos
“Tracking global change using lichen diversity: towards a global-scale ecological indicator” was the front cover photo in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Mark Sutton interview
"Nitrogen is like ’The Godfather’ of pollution: you see the results but you don’t see the Godfather"
NecoSchool training school, Lisboa | 15-26 May 2017

Alice Nunes PhD

"Plant functional response to desertification and land degradation – contribution to restoration strategies"

eChanges at the Azores

eChanges attended the 3rd cE3c annual congress with multiple presentations
São Miguel, Açores, Portugal | 5-6 Jun 2017

Alice Nunes at "Sociedade Civil"

Interviews about the World Environment Day
RTP2 | 6 Jun 2017
cE3c at the United Nations

Paula Matos and Cristina Branquinho presented "A new global indicator to track the effects of climate change on forests" at the 12nd UN Forum on Forests.UN, New York, USA | 1-5 May 2017

Paula Matos Merit Award

The cE3c PhD Merit Award of 2017 Paula Matos during the centre annual meeting @ Azores
Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal | 5-6 Jun 2017

Plant performance in geochemical islands

Helena Serrano at 9th International Conference on Serpentine Ecology
Tirana, Albania | 4-9 Jun 2017

International training school
NecoSchool - Global and long-term effects of nitrogen on ecosystems
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 15 – 26 May 2017


Save species from extinction: recuperation and protection of habitats
Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisboa | 30 Mar 2017


Ecological indicators of environmental change: diagnose, evaluate and anticipate
8.2.02, FCUL, Lisboa | 2 Mar 2017

Lecture - Stockholm University
Swedish wood pasture management and the importance of trees for bird species richness and functional diversity
Simon Jakobson
PhD student @ 2.2.22 FCUL Lisboa |

Master thesis defense
| Ana Lemos
Evaluating ecosystem services trade-offs due to land use changes: transition to an irrigated agriculture landscape 2.2.24 FCUL Lisboa | 22 Feb 2017

Encontro Scientia |Development of ecological indicators of climate change based on lichen functional diversity, by Paula Matos

2.2.14, FCUL | 16 Feb 2017

eChanges on the news

Tracking global change using lichen diversity: towards a global-scale ecological indicator
by Paula Matos FCUL | País ao Minuto | Wilder

Restauro de ecossistemas degradados em zonas semi-áridas: as soluções da natureza

Maputo, Moçambique | 14-17 Nov 2016

Seminar by Cristina Branquinho

Ecological indicators of Environmental Change
: diagnose, evaluate and anticipate
Provas de Agregação
6.2.56 FCUL, Lisboa | 24 Jan 2017

Merry Christmas!

From plant ecology groups to all our friends

see the video here

Blogs from the field

A eLTER blog to bring LTER-based research to life, with a text from Melanie Köbel

read here

Restauro de ecossistemas degradados em zonas semi-áridas: as soluções da natureza
Maputo, Moçambique | 14-17 Nov 2016

Final seminar
- AdaptForChange
Project Presentation of the results to the public
Cine Teatro Marques Duque, Mértola | 13 Dec 2016 invitation | programa
Noite Europeia dos Investigadores
eChanges participated with a board game challenging the participants to manage a landscape in a sustainable way
Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisboa | 30 Sep 2016 +info

Best posters awards

Melanie Köbel and Ana Lemos

Working at LTER Whim bog

Melanie Köbel was in Scotland, working with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for assessing plant community in a gradient of nitrogen dry deposition
Whim bog, Scotland, UK | 18 July to 5 Aug 2016

Noite Europeia dos Investigadores

How to manage a landscape in a sustainable way
- Board Game

iLTER Open Science Meeting

Pedro Pinho received an iLTER grant to present his work at the meeting +info
Kruger National Park, South Africa | 9-13 Oct 2016

Paper press-release

Grazing or not grazing: implications for ecosystem services provided by biocrusts in Mediterranean cork-oak woodlands +info

XVIII Encontro da Rede de Estudos Ambientais em Países de Língua Portuguesa

14-17 Nov 2016

World Congress Silvo-Pastoral Systems 2016

Évora, Portugal | 27-30 Sep 2016
Island Biology 2016

Helena Serrano moderating - “Ecology” session & presenting the talk “Geochemical Islands: Promised land or unintended refuge?”
Açores, Angra do Heroísmo | 18-22 Jul 2016

Lichens as a tool for the interpretation of environmental changes and management

CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 11- 15 Jul 2016 +info

PhD thesis defense

Paula Matos "Development of ecological indicators of climate change based on lichen functional diversity"
Aveiro, Reitoria | 11 Jul 2016

Portuguese Science Meeting

Presentations by Ana Luz, Paula Matos and Pedro Pinho +info
Centro Congressos Lisboa | 4-6 Jul 2016

Science dissemination

Role of urban green areas for human wellbeing in partnership with SPECO
Almada, Parque da Paz | 4 Jul 2016
International training course
video - 2nd circular - contact
Long-term trends in nitrogen cycles in ecosystems – Field monitoring and global comparisons
Hokkaido University and Uryu Experimental Forest, Japan | 16-24 Jun 2016


Adapting forest to climate-change: the implications of microclimate in drylands by Adriana Príncipe

Lisboa, IMM | 7 Jun 2016

Public debate on Sustainable Development Objectives

Colégio F3: Food, Farm and Forestry | Lisboa, IGOT | May 2016

TV documentary about legumes in a world under climate change

Project AdaptforChange Alice Nunes & Melanie Batista presenting some results of the project @ RTP2, Biosfera | 21 May 2016

Opinion article - The metaphor of invasive species by Maria Amélia Martins-Loução about the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity

eChanges presentation to FCUL

Adriana Silva presents the Echanges group to FCUL students within the NEBULIS open days
10 May 2016 | FCUL
Restoration of Arid Lands and Combat of Desertification
Science to Practice, COST Action ES1104 final conference
videos: Melanie Köbel,
Alice Nunes & Teresa Mexia and Adriana Príncipe

Climate Change and Human Health

Cristina Branquinho @ Science dissemination in the Portuguese National Assembley
Assembleia da República, Lisboa | 6 Apr 2016
Climate Change and Biodiversity

Life streaming to secondary shools about the effectys of climate on biodiversity by Pedro Pinho within the project ClimaEduMedia
Esc. Carolina Michaelis, Porto | 6 Apr 2016

Restoration of Arid Lands and Combat of Desertification program

From Science to Practice: Adriana Silva, Alice Nunes, Cristina Branquinho and Melanie Batista

PhD in Environmental and Management Policies Cristina Branquinho @ Universidade de Cabo VerdeCabo Verde, Cidade da Praia | 29 Mar 2016

Workshop on ecosystem restoration

Restoring ecosystem functioning: nature-based innovative solution - biological soil crusts
programa | convite | +info


Forces in flowers: a case study of Montiaceae (Caryophyllales) | Patrícia dos SantosVigo, Spain | 4-5 Feb 2016

2nd eChanges Annual Meeting

"Quest for ores: our natural resources"
São Domingos Mines! Alentejo PT | 15 Jan
European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2016
Session Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded lands in arid, semi-arid and mediterranean environments

Vienna, Austria | 17–22 Apr 2016 +info

Biological soil crusts in the Negev – small, yet hugely important for the ecosystem

Vincent Felde (Kassel University, Germany)| FCUL 6.2.51| 17 Dec 2015 +info

We are now taking a short break for Christmas and New Year, and celebrated with a group Christmas lunch

TRANSBASIN: Ecosystem Services in Semiarid Transboundary Basins (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES) Final Workshop
FCUL, Lisboa | 21-22 Dec 2015

Joana Vieira MSc defense

Ecosystem Services in urban areas: evaluating the role of green spaces to improve air quality using ecological indicators

FCUL, 2.2.21 | 9 Dec 2015

Ecology of a rare and endemic Plantago species

Helena Serrano @ Encontro Scientia
FCUL 6.2.51| 17 Dec 2015

Workshop on Ecosystem Assessment and Ecosystem Services in Portugal

Helena Serrano @ Encontro Scientia
FCUL 6.2.51| 17 Dec 2015
Research on urban ecology Award

Lichens as ecological indicators in urban areas: beyond the effects of pollutants-2.º prize @ Investigação Cidade de Almada
Clube Naval de Cascais | 11 Dec 2015
Symposium - The soil within the Portuguese scientific research
Respostas e efeitos das crostas biológicas do solo na funcionalidade dos ecossistemas semi-áridos: o caso de estudo de Portugal | Laura Concostrina

Clube Naval de Cascais | 11 Dec 2015

eChanges on the news

Report on the work by Helena Serrano in a rare endemic species, Plantago almogravensis | 8 May 2017 here

Ecology of a rare and endemic Plantago species

Helena Serrano PhD thesis defense
6.2.56 FCUL, Lisboa | 12 Nov 2015

Landlab: Green roofs for sustainability in urban areas

Cristina Branquinho
GreenFest 2015 | Oct 9 2015 | 12:15 - 12h25 +info

How to apply lichen function diversity for tracking global change - poster


XVII meeting of network for environmental studies in Portuguese speaking countries

Cristina Branquinho
U. Cabo Verde | 9-12 Set 2015 +info
Functional traits: the interface between the formation of biodiversity and biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning

Uni. Sth. Boemia, Czech Republic | FCUL 6.2.51| 21 Set 2015 | 12:00-13:00

DesertNet International Newsletter: news about paper

"Seasonal patterns of Mediterranean evergreen woodlands" +info

Noite Europeia dos Investigadores "Biodiversidade pela sua saúde e bem-estar"

Quinta das Conchas, Lisboa, Portugal | 19 Sep
2015 | 10h00 – 13h00

Advances in Plant Biology and Biotechnology

Participation in the international workshop
Valencia, Spain | 28-29 Sep 2015

SER's 6th World Conference on Ecological Restoration

Participation in the international congress
Manchester, UK | 23-27 Aug 2015

4th Iberian ecological congress

Participation in the international congress
Coimbra, Portugal | 16-19 June 2015

Biodiversidade e Serviços dos Ecossistemas: do semiárido aos trópicos

Participation in the international workshop
FCUL, Lisboa | 8 Jun 2015 program

Global Challenges of Air Pollution and Climate Change to Forests

Participation in the international congress
Nice, France | 1-5 Jun 2015

AdaptForChange 2nd workshop "Ecosystem services in semiarid transboundary basins"

Participation in the international workshop
FCUL, Lisboa | Jun 24 2015

AdaptForChange 1st workshop

FCUL, Lisboa | Apr 10 2015

eChanges 1st workshop

Almada | 10 Apr 2015

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advanced courses

11-15 January 2021
Hands on Functional Diversity: from Ecological Indicators to Ecosystem Services

15-21 February 2021
Urban Ecology: The green within the city

12-16 July 2021
Speaking Nature: Methods for measuring the impact of environmental pollution on ecosystems

past events

advanced course

Urban Ecology: the green within the city
CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 19-23 February 2018

Hands on Functional Diversity: from Ecological Indicators to Ecosystem Services
CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 15-19 January 2018

Lichens as a tool for the interpretation of environmental changes and management
CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 10-14 July 2017

NecoSchool - Global and long-term effects of nitrogen on ecosystems
International training school
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 15 – 26 May 2017

Hands on Functional Diversity: from Ecological Indicators to Ecosystem Services
CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 6-10 February 2017

Lichens as a tool for the interpretation of environmental changes and management
CE3C Advanced Course
FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal | 10- 14 July 2016

LTER Open Science Meeting
Long-Term Ecosystem Research for sustainability under global changes

World Congress Silvo-Pastoral Systems 2016

Portuguese Science Meeting

iLTER International training course
in Japan

EGU Session on Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded lands


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